Creating Your Staircase

Creating Your StaircaseWhether you’re building them for the first time or repairing an old set, new stairs can be very challenging and require a lot of decisions. The whole process can be very overwhelming, but the most important thing to keep in mind though is to build them to how you want them. After all, they will be what you walk on so why not explore every avenue and know every choice you have for designing them to make them something you can be proud of?

Now there are many things to consider when building your steps. From everything to the calculations, to the materials and the design, it is important that you are prepared and have all of the necessary information before you begin what can be a very lengthy project. If you have all of that, it will be impossible for you not to like your end result. These will come in handy if you decide to hire a contractor or someone who remodels as well. If you don’t have the proper information, any company will come through and get the proper numbers as well as your input and design the staircase to the best of their ability.

The Perfect Stairs for You

  • The first thing you will need to do is find the total rise for your staircase. Then from there, use that number to figure out how many steps you will need to complete it. After a few calculations, you should have your numbers you need and you can proceed on to the next step
  • From there, what you will need to do is find the run of your staircase. To find this you will be working back from a known tread width, or the width of the physical piece of material that you’re using for the steps. Taking in to account any factors, you will find the proper size for your steps.Creating Your Staircase
  • The next step is determining the Step Triangle, the final and most important calculation for your staircase. This is when you can take the total height of your steps, divide it in to however many steps you have and work out the slope relationship of your steps. From here the math is pretty much completed.
  • By correctly completing all of the above calculations, your staircase design will be as comfortable as it can be. It is very important the rise between each of your steps feels natural and this will prevent people from tripping or slipping as they go between levels of your home. You must also complete these calculations in order because it will ensure the results are correct. From there it is on to building materials and design styles for your new staircase.
  • One material you could use for them if the stairs were outside would be concrete. From one perfectly formed piece of poured concrete your staircase becomes incredibly sculptural. What is so great about this material is that when being poured, it can be formed in many different ways to make it stand out on your home.
  • Decorating with mosaic risers on your staircase can practically turn it into a work of art. No matter what design you decide on your mosaic is likely to make a big splash in a more creative home. They are also perfect for injecting personality in to stairs and keep them from being your bland every day stairs.
  • Glass staircases are the perfect solution for homes that feel a little tight and gloomy. They are excellent for letting the light in and they can really open up and distinguish living areas. Not only that, but they can almost make it look like you are walking on air when stepping on them.
  • One design to consider for your staircase is making a floating staircase. They create a very modern look anywhere they are and will most certainly wow any of your friends and family because of the unique style they have. They also are very good for allowing in light and opening up space.
  • Another amazing design is a spiral staircase. Whether they it’s romantic, iron-wrought or classic old-fashioned stone design, there is nothing quite like this these staircases which are so commonly used in movies and television shows for anyone trying to make an entrance!

Acadia Stairs can help you manufacture quality stairs for your home or for your office. We can help make the stairs you envision become a beautiful reality as well as an amazing compliment to your home or office. For more information on our services we offer or if you would like a consultation, please feel free to contact us today!