Made in the USA

We have all heard the notion before that American-made products are better. While the slogan “Buy American” may seem like nothing more than a ploy by domestic manufacturers to increase sales, there is some truth behind this common phrase. There are many advantages to purchasing items made in the United States whether it’s cars, toys or even staircases! We have compiled a list of some of the top reasons to buy American:

Spiral Staircase Made in the USA | Acadia Stairs

Safety Standards – International regulations regarding product safety are low compared to those in the States. For instance, levels for lead in toys manufactured abroad are much higher than those made in America. Buying American ensures that your products are safe since they must follow strict safety standards and consumer protection laws.

Unsafe Working Conditions – The labor standards in foreign countries allow for very unsafe working conditions for employees. By buying internationally, you are supporting corrupt employers with unsafe working conditions and violations of child labor laws.

Clean Environment, Less Fossil Fuels – The manufacturing processes in America are much cleaner and safer for the environment as opposed to those abroad. Since the regulations are much lower in foreign countries, the manufacturing processes eliminate waste that is dangerous and heavily polluted. When you purchase American-made products, you can have the peace of mind that you are taking a small step in keeping the environment cleaner and safer.

Keep Jobs in America – By continuing to purchase imported goods, the United States manufacturing ability decreases, which ultimately eliminates a lot of domestic jobs. The innovation shifts to foreign markets and U.S. citizens will be unable to find work. Buying American will help keep jobs in the States and the American Dream alive.

The commitment to purchase American-made products not only supports fellow American citizens but helps achieve greater economic growth.

(Posted by Todd Norman of Acadia Stairs)