Different Tread Types for Exterior Staircases

Spring is almost here, and that means that soon enough it’ll be time to uncover the pool, start mowing the lawn again, and scrub our decks of winter’s harsh debris. People who are looking to add a little more festiveness to their backyards often choose to install an exterior staircase onto their decks as the weather warms up.

There are so many tread options to choose from when it comes to exterior staircase design, and we want to help you with the decision.

Updated Look Different Tread Types for Exterior Staircases

Spiral staircases are by far the most popular design choice for exterior staircases. They look exceptionally sharp on modern or newly renovated homes, as their coil design adds a unique architectural detail. If you decide to go with this option, we recommend picking treads that are made of steel or stainless steel materials. By choosing this material you open your home up to even more plate options, including diamond patterned and perforated styles.

Traditional Look

Older homes, or even those with a “cottage” appearance, tend to look better with staircases that have wooden treads. This adds to an antique appearance that enhances the overall look of these types of homes. If you want a staircase that truly stands out, we recommend picking a wood like red and white oak or mahogany. If your exterior staircase is going to be added to your deck or shed area, we recommend plywood, which is durable and can withstand wear and tear. Before color and style, you want to first and foremost make sure you are choosing a type of wood that will last you years, and isn’t too soft.

Modern Meets Traditional

Many homeowners like to go with granite or ceramic tile for treads because they are a combination of both an updated and traditional style. This type of tread is best for areas of high foot traffic because it can withstand force over time. It’s important to remember, however, that your exterior staircase will be exposed to the elements, and that is why we normally encourage homeowners to use the same tread material their decks are made out of, such as trex decking material, in lieu of these other two types of tread options.

With so many different options, we understand that it can get confusing. The professional staff at Acadia Stairs is happy to answer any of your questions regarding custom outdoor staircases, from tread material to handrail options and stair design. Let’s get to work on your dream staircase today!