Exceptional Dubai Staircase Currently Under Construction

Staircase Reaching to the SkyAt Acadia Stairs, we look around the world for inspiration when it comes to the captivating power of staircases. In our mind, a stair as a structure can leave us in awe, and, also, stand as an engineering feat in its own way. That’s what brings us to the latest reinvention: the Dubai Steps.

The newest landmark slated for the glitzy metropolis in the United Arab Emirates is the Dubai Steps, a stunning staircase of sorts.

Still in the planning phase, the structure will span 500 steps, rising a full 100 meters in the air. That’s about the height of a 25-story building—so you can only imagine the possibilities here. (And with the latest photos, you can see them, too.)

Once completed, it’ll essentially resemble a staircase into the sky. Along the steps themselves will be green spaces, places to sit and relax every 100 steps, and vistas to see the marvelous cityscape. Planners have envisioned the staircase as a destination to picnic, gather, and ascend into the stars. While the location is still being finalized, the Dubai Steps will likely take a full year to be constructed—a quick timeline for what is bound to be a world-class destination.

At Acadia Stairs, we, of course, cannot replicate these masterful, unique staircases but what we can do is take inspiration from them, and apply that inspiration to our own portfolio. Our custom-designed staircases are our contribution to demonstrating the power and potential of a staircase, and what they can offer any home or office.

Our goal is to develop custom metal stairs that complement and refine the aesthetic of your space, contact us at Acadia Stairs today!