Famous Movie Scenes that Feature Staircases

Movie Theater Full of Empty SeatsWhen we’re designing or creating the staircases of our dreams, we often think past to examples we’ve seen in our personal lives or perhaps even in pop culture. Since their beginning, films have long featured staircases of all shapes, and sizes, many of which have since become legendary.

Acadia Stairs is highlighting a few symbolic cinema staircases that are famous from being in successful film productions.

The Titanic

Who could forget the grand ballroom staircase in that iconic scene, when Jack (Leonardo diCaprio) watches as Rose (Kate Winslet) descends in her stunning dress? The staircase, we imagine, is a replica of what must’ve been on the Titanic itself, a homage to the Elizabethan era of Britain, with its golden lay and ornate design.


 We all remember the moment when we first watched the first Rocky movie and felt inspired to face down our challenges with “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background. Well, the concrete staircase that Rocky ran up and down to train is located in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and you, too, can face it yourself. (Just make sure you wave your hands in the air once you’re done.)

Harry Potter

 There are two staircases worth highlighting in this classic wizarding saga. The first is at Harry’s home, with the dreaded Dursley’s—Harry lives under the staircase, in the cupboard, and every time one of the family members comes down, sawdust falls on Harry’s head; a sign of the isolation that Harry felt. But the other is the exact opposite: once at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry ascends the magical staircase on the daily, which is constantly rotating to connect different rooms and floors. Now that’s a staircase worth building, we just haven’t quite figured out how yet!

We know and love these staircases for a reason—because they are a part cinema magic and capture a narrative in such an important way.

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