Famous Staircases Around the World

Although we typically think of staircases as tools that make our home more accessible, there are extremely famous staircases all over the world that serve as tourist attractions. Many of these staircases are not found near homes at all but in the center of nature. These staircases are breathtaking and, honestly, quite shocking even just in pictures alone.

Chand Baori in IndiaChand Baori in India

This staircase (or staircases) made the top of our list when it comes to staircases that we can’t even seem to wrap our head around. The Chand Baori staircase was created as a way to store water for a long time because of the limited supply of water in Rajasthan where it is located. The staircase has 16 stories in total and about 3,500 steps all together that eventually lead to a center pool of water.

Canyon Staircase in Ecuador

The Canyon Staircase is an extremely popular tourist destination in Ecuador. The staircase weaves in and out of the surrounding forests with curves that reflect the Paílón del Diablo waterfall on the Pastaza River which runs alongside it. The stairs twist and turn, and eventually drop you off above the water’s edge, giving you a crystal clear view of the waterfall itself if you’re willing to make the trip down.

Stairs Above the Sea in Spain

This staircase leads to a small island, Gaztelugatxe, that is supposedly dedicated to John the Baptist. The staircase is connected to the mainland through a man made bridge. The staircase consists of 237 steps and is extremely narrow but relatively easy to access compared to some on this list. If you make the trip across the staircase and arrive on the island, you are supposed to ring the islands church bells three times.

Spiral Staircase in China

If you’re afraid of heights, just glancing at this staircase could put you over the edge. (Literally!) A spiral staircase in China, located in the midst of the Taihang Mountains, is 300 feet tall and goes straight up. The staircase is supposed to provide visitors with the feeling they would get if they actually climbed the mountain itself, with birds passing through and strong winds hitting their faces. Before climbing this staircase, you actually have to fill out a form so officials can make sure that you are healthy enough to do so.

These staircases have us experiencing wanderlust. If you’re interested in installing a custom metal staircase for your own space, inside or outside, contact Acadia Stairs.