Fight For Air Climb Events, Misc. Fabrications & “Model” Stairs

Fight For Air Climb Events, Misc. Fabrications & “Model” StairsThere’s no cure for cancer, but they are getting close to killing cancer it now. For those who are lucky enough to be able to walk up the stairs without it taking a huge toll on our bodies can now help to make a difference. In a way to help raise money for the American Lung Association has unique events around the country, particularly close to Fishkill, NY, that are called Fight For Air Climb.

The Fight For Air Climb events usually happen in sports stadiums, large prominent skyscrapers, or arenas. Sometimes called a “vertical road race”, the participants run up the stairs for the charity event.

The reason for the races is because the ALA knows a lot about lung disease, but there is so much that they don’t know that still needs to be found with science. Teams and individual participants can use the event as a race or as a fitness target, with challenging yourself or you racing against other people, or as a great way to be active and meet new friends.

Fight For Air Climb will help to raise the funds necessary to provide research, advocacy and lifesaving education so we can beat lung disease and soon find a cure. For event details near you, to donate to a participant or a team, or to find out more information check out there site and see why they climb.

Miscellaneous Fabrications From Acadia StairsFight For Air Climb Events, Misc. Fabrications & “Model” Stairs

Acadia Stairs focuses on stairs first, but our talents don’t stop there. The talented metal workers at Acadia can fabricate and sell many different items to help compliment your stairs and more.

Recently, we custom made a steel table frame for a client of Hudson Valley Cabinets. As you can see from the picture, the steel frame was then fitted with a marble top. Acadia Stairs makes all kinds of custom metal projects. For some of the miscellaneous fabrications, there will be a 3D sketch made to help the customer see the creation come to fruition.

In this case, the owner’s black chairs were the inspiration for the table design, and as you see from the 3D sketch, the circles match the ones on the chairs.

The professionals at Acadia Stairs can be commissioned to fabricate custom metal artwork as well. Customers have asked for fabrications such as art-deco lamps and tables, as well as garden art and other contemporary designs. Our stainless steel creations stand up to the elements of weather extremely well, and we can also make steel artwork that can be powder coated with a wide variety of colors. Powder coat stands up very well to the elements compared to normal paint on metal.Fight For Air Climb Events, Misc. Fabrications & “Model” Stairs

Acadia can ship our metal fabrications all over the continental United States and Hawaii, right from our shop in New York. We are located just 45 minutes from Danbury, CT. or about half way between New York City & Albany in Fishkill, NY.

You’ve Heard Of Runway Models, But Have You Heard Of The Stairway Model?

You might be wondering what would fashion models have to do with stairs, and in most cases you’d be right in thinking that that way but there’s a cool reason behind it.

Models are mostly known for walking the catwalk and runway in the name of fashion, but now it can be said they have walked up the custom built spiral staircase from Acadia Stairs. You can check out the Going Up article and see the two pictures of a model with different colored platform shoes as she get photographed at different points on the staircase.

The Going Up photo-shoot was done by Miguel Enamorado and photographer Sebastian Mader for Interview Magazine featured the Acadia Stairs spiral staircase and gives Acadia credit and special thanks in the photos for using the staircase as a prop.

Spiral staircases are not only aesthetically pleasing; they can also serve a variety of needs and purposes as you can see in this magazine article. Acadia Stairs has worked closely with many clients to help create custom spiral stairs for their homes or commercial buildings. With years of industry experience, there is not a job too big or too small for our company to handle.

For more information on staircases or any fabrication, contact the staircase experts at Acadia Stairs today!