Home Updates Worth Doing for the New Year

Home Updates to Consider With 2018 just around the corner, most of us are eager to make some big changes in order to celebrate the start of the New Year.

If you’re a homeowner, consider making some home updates that can increase the value and functionality of your home.

Eager to update your home but not sure where to start? We have some recommendations on what home updates are actually worth doing.

Bathroom Updates

If you want to update your home but are a bit budget conscious, a great place to start is the bathroom.

  • There are several small changes that you can make, such as replacing old tiled floor or repainting an outdated vanity that can give you a major return on your investment if you are eventually looking to sell your home.

Plus, you use your bathroom on a daily basis; why not make it a space you enjoy spending time in?

Staircase Updates

Often times, the staircase is the main focus of a home. Staircases often serve as focal points in homes, and if your staircase is outdated, your home as a whole will feel that way too. Consider updating your staircase and purchasing a customized metal staircase through Acadia Stairs.

  • If you want an interior or exterior staircase that will refine the aesthetic of your space, we have you covered. An updated, modern staircase will drastically increase the value of your home and tremendously improve the overall look.

Kitchen Updates

If you are looking to make a major change, a kitchen update might be the best project for you.

  • Consider purchasing eco-friendly appliances, repainting your cabinets, replacing outdated backsplash or simply updating the color scheme.

Although kitchen renovations are expensive, kitchens are often the heart of the home. If you have some money to spend, this is one investment you might seriously want to consider.

Obviously, we love the idea of updating your staircase, and Acadia Stairs can create the staircase you’ve always envisioned. Call us today at 845-765-8600 for more information!