How A Custom Designed Curved Staircase Can Create A Great Solution For The Modern Home

How A Custom Designed Curved Staircase Can Create A Great Solution For The Modern HomeStaircases have moved away from just being a means for traveling between floors. Staircases are now a depiction and representation of design styles and trends. Curved staircases have certainly evolved and in 2015, is a leading trend in staircase design for homeowners and businesses all over. At Acadia Stairs, we define a curved stair as any stair that a helical or spiral geometry, but does not have a center pole.

Due to the uniqueness of a curved staircase, building a curved staircase can involve a few more steps than traditional straight stairs, but the final product is a stunning piece of architectural design that is purposeful and beautiful. Without the needs for a mass quantity of floor space, you can get creative with designing a striking curved staircase.

Common features of a curved staircase include a very tight inner radius that is as small as just a few inches. The inner handrails are provided on this style of stair because there is no center pole. There are three types of curved staircases: single, double, and side stringer stair.

The single stringer is undoubtedly the most modern of all curved staircase types. Due to the open look and metal framework, it complements the modern design trend so well. The support for the single stringer is under the stair, which allows for the modern appearance which is clean, simple, and sophisticated.

To further explain the modern style resemblance:

A modern design encompasses clean and functional lines, neutral colors, basic shapes, as well as materials of metal, stainless steel, chrome, and glass. Modern furniture and d├ęcor pieces are sleek, simple, and heighten function as well as utilize basic geometry such as simple angles, edges, and curves. Modern is furniture without all of the add-ons.

Curved staircases are the exact definition of a modern design. While curved, the lines are clean, sleek and boast an under-stated sophistication. Without featuring intricate details and variations of materials and finishes, curved stairs are just as appealing as any other type of stair.

So what can a curved staircase do for a modern home? How A Custom Designed Curved Staircase Can Create A Great Solution For The Modern Home

Conserve space. Modern designs are all about de-clutter and chaos avoidance. Curved staircases are narrower and are able to fit into tighter spaces.

Utilize metal and steel in an intimate light. As both metal and steel are main features of modern design, they simply highlight the beauty of the stairs. Metal and stainless steel are often used for the stair framework. When the metal and steel are polished, the shine given off is a wonderful modern design element.

Too much modern design can appear cold and sterile. The curved staircase is there for functionality, but also works to highlight the rest of the modern design. With a curved staircase often being a main focal point, it allows for a minimalist approach to the rest of the space.

Modern design encompasses natural light as opposed to artificial. Modern staircases are open for natural light from windows and doors to filter in and distribute throughout the space. The sunlight reflects off of the metal and steel framework, which provides plenty of light to shine into the room.

Curved stairs are an architectural masterpiece. Modern design boasts creativity and uniqueness, which draw attention to this particular design trend. When you want style and sophistication in a delicate form, curved stairs can give you just that. You can have your curved staircase custom built for your needs and modern tastes and the end product will be stunning.

Using a variety of angles, curved staircases embody the classic features of modern design. Concentrating on the specific lines, curvature, and angles of the stairs, each step will bring to light the modern trend you have been looking to accomplish.

Traditional steps are more of the contemporary style, which evolves very quickly. Modern designs remain intact with simplicity at front and center. The curved staircase is an elegant choice for stairs in both residential and commercial offices. Curved staircases can be built to your specifications.

When looking to have a spiral staircase built, you will want to find a company that has the knowledge of building stairs to last and can cater to the needs of their clients. Curved staircases do require a different installation process and for the safety of those using the stairs, you want a company with experience.

Here at Acadia Stairs, we have a variety of curved staircase designs that can be custom built for you. With long-lasting and quality products, your beautiful winding staircase will be a stunning sight for all to see and enjoy.

In addition to customizing the products we use, you can assist in the designing process step-by-step. We take pride in the stairs we build and are proud to be a leader in designing and installing curved staircase. To learn more about our staircases, feel free to contact us.