How Modern Stairs Can Reinforce Communication & Space In An Office

How Modern Stairs Can Reinforce Communication & Space In An OfficeOffice staircases have always been a means for traveling from one floor to another. Traditional stairs were also the stairs of choice because they were, at the time, the most practical and cost effective.

Nowadays, staircases are an office design style feature as well as a way for co-workers to mingle about the day and other topics. Plus, current modern staircase designs are much more functional in terms of space and occupancy.

A great staircase can be the epicenter of your office. A grand and uniquely-styled staircase can be the main focal point for all to see as they enter your building.

Staircases are also becoming a way for employees to collaborate.

Without being intrusive, stairs encourage co-workers to communicate vertically on the stairs. According to Pam Hamlin, Arnold Worldwide’s global president, “The staircase is the modern-day watercooler.”

It is a natural occurrence for people to stop on a staircase to have a conversation and with new open designs, there will be plenty of room. Elevators can actually pose a problem when it comes to conversing. You know that when the bell dings and the doors open you have to get off and the conversation or collaboration is over.

Open and large staircases in an office also can serve as a place for staff gatherings, quick meetings, and for making event announcements. While your staff situates themselves on the stairs, you as their boss can inform them of news without having to send an email or book a meeting room.

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