How Staircases Can Complete Your Overall Décor

Picking one specific type of design when it comes to changing up the style in your home or office space can make all the difference when it comes to creating one, cohesive look. The only issue is that when it comes to switching things up, many people don’t seem to know the difference between styles like modern, contemporary, industrial and so forth.

So to help you out a bit, here’s a little overview:  Modern Staircases | Acadia Stairs

Modern – This particular type of design emulates the 1920’s-1950’s era and refers to one defined style that will remain that way forever. Often recognized as Mid-Century Modern, this style is recognized for being clean and uncluttered, often featuring neutral or natural colors. Living and working spaces that are created using a modern style are often designed for functionality, allowing the overall look radiate simplicity.

ContemContempory Staircases | Acadia Stairsporary – Though this style is often confused for being modern, there are actually many big differences between the two. For starters, while modern design is a singularly defined style from a particular time period, contemporary design is ever changing and designed for what’s “in” at that particular moment. Where modern is all about strong lines, contemporary loves curves and boldness.

Industrial Staircase | Acadia Stairs

Industrial – Industrial décor shows a big emphasis on manufacturing and mechanics, highlighting raw, unfinished-looking pieces. A lot of people who are interested in exploring the idea of an industrially-styled home or office space are interested in creating an organic environment, playing up the space’s natural elements.

So what do you do when you decide on the perfect type of design and your staircase stands out like a sore thumb? Most individuals don’t realize this, but a staircase can play a major role in the overall aesthetic of your home.  The right staircase can truly perfect the look you’re trying to achieve.  Here at Acadia Stairs, we can work with you to create a staircase that will make any room look complete – no matter what style you’re going for.

People remember good staircases; make yours worth the memory.

(Posted by Todd Norman of Acadia Stairs)