How to Protect Your Stairs During Renovation

From a simple paint job to a full remodel, home renovations are messy businesses. That’s why you want to protect all the areas of your home that are either not being remodeled, or already have been. This includes your stairs, especially if you’re working nearby. So here are a few ways you can protect your staircase from all of the dust and dirt floating around from your home improvement project.

Cover your staircase with a drop clothHow to Protect Your Stairs During Renovation

Using a drop cloth will prevent anything from falling and damaging your stairs. It’s crucial that you place a drop cloth on your stairs if you’re painting, but it’s also handy in order to protect it from wood dust or other kinds of dirt that can be brought in during renovation. Be sure to secure the drop cloths so that it doesn’t become a tripping hazard.

Cover the banisters and railings with plastic

Your drop cloth will be able to protect your treads, but it may not be able to protect your banisters and railings. So, just to be safe, wrap your banisters and railings with plastic, securing it with tape to ensure that it doesn’t fall off during renovations.

Use painter’s tape around the edges

If you’re painting around your staircase, be sure to cover the edges that border the wall with painter’s tape. This protects it from paint that the drop cloth may not be able to catch. Just be sure to press the tape down firmly around the edges so that paint doesn’t seep in underneath it.

Place foam boards or cardboard on the treads

If there’s going to be a lot of construction traffic on your stairs, then placing foam boards or cardboard (whichever you have on hand) on the treads will help protect them from any damage. You’ll want to ensure that the boards don’t slip and slide, though, so use duct tape to secure them onto the tread.

By taking these steps, your stairs should stay well-protected during the renovation process. But maybe it’s the stairs themselves that are being renovated? If that’s the case, then consider getting your custom staircase from Acadia Stairs. From straight staircases to ship ladders, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Give us a call today at 845-765-8600 to learn more.