Improve The Value Of Your Property With A New Staircase


Improve The Value Of Your Property With A New Staircase

Increasing the value of your home isn’t as arduous of a task as many articles and television shows make it out to be. It does take a bit of effort and research to figure out which investments would be ideal for increasing your home’s market value. However, you don’t have to make a million small changes. You could simply change something that completely improves function and aesthetics in the home: the staircase.

Simply remodeling, redesigning, or replacing your staircase and railings can completely revamp any living room, den, or atrium. This is a great selling point as well, because it gives visitors and potential buyers something to fall in love with upon entering the home.

Beyond the financial benefits, replacing your staircase will improve your quality of life, and add a touch of your own personality in your home. A modern staircase will set the tone for a contemporary look, while antique and artisan made railings are perfect for rustic or eclectic themes. Consider your style, along with personal needs, and research the best new staircase for your home.

Below, you’ll find our list of important things to consider before designing your new staircase for your home.

Your Current Staircase

Look at the current stairs you have and consider everything you like and dislike about them. If you feel like they’re missing something, this is the part where you decide which style is most attractive and efficient in your home.

The Space You Have

Think about how much space your current staircase is taking up, and if you’d like a smaller or larger one. This will help you decide between spiral, straight, or wide staircases.

Your Budget

Remember, the idea is to come out on top, so work within your budget to find the best possible services you can for your budget. If you have to move some other smaller projects around to make room in your budget for a nicer staircase, go for it. The staircase is a vital part of your home, and it deserves significant attention in your remodeling plans. Also think about whether you’ll be adding anything else to the surrounding areas in the near future. If you plan to redo the en

tire living room, start with the staircase. It may save time and money if you complete the project in phases, starting with newly revamped stairs.

Safety First!

Stair safety is crucial, especially for growing families or aging parents. The safest stair plans are the ones with a landing, which are usually L shaped stairs. Handrails are a must for everyone, though some designs omit them. A staircase without a landing or handrails is not advisable for homes with young kids or elderly family.

Multi-Functional Staircases

Consider the current organizational hardships you have in your home. Do you need more shelving or closeting? The construction of your staircase can include some quirky organizational designs.

Materials Used

You also need to consider what you want your stairs made of. Think about which would look better in your home, wood, steel, stone, or concrete? There are a variety of materials available, there’s bound to be one that complements your home’s current design perfectly.

Step & Staircase Designs

Improve The Value Of Your Property With A New Staircase

Staircase designs can be straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, spiral, half-turned, quarter-turned, or custom designed for specific needs.

For example, one of the largest decisions people make is straight versus spiral staircases. It comes down to space versus safety. If you’re looking to save space, spiral staircases are compact, attractive, and efficient. However, spiral staircases do add a bit of a risk, which is why they’re not ideal for homes with young children.

Building Codes

You’ll also have to research local building codes and rules. You may have limitations on height, depth, and width of your designed staircase, so it’s better to find out before you fall in love with your stairs. In most cases, you’ll be okay to use the stairs you want, but this isn’t something you’d like to discover afterwards.


Balustrades are gorgeous railings, supported by ornamental walls. These are typically used on bridges and balconies, as they’re elegant, safe accents of a staircase. Balustrades and handrails must also comply with building codes, so be sure to research those as well.

Be Confident in Your Decisions

When it comes to deciding on a staircase design, size, and it’s materials, make sure you’re 100% confident with it. Take a few days to consider every option and visualize your new staircase. You’ll have to take every point above into account, instead of simply choosing your favorite look.

In the meantime, gain inspiration for your favorite looks and functions. Create an idea book of what you want so that you can convey it specifically to your staircase professional. For more ideas, you can look up some staircase makeover ideas, DIY stair décor projects, and much more on Pinterest.

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