Indoor Cat Playground Equipped With Staircases & More

Indoor Cat Playground Equipped With Staircases & MoreFor years pet owners have showering their animals with gifts, toys, treats and more because of the reciprocal unconditionally love they get in return. Some owners can be considered crazy cat ladies, be that crazy dog person going above and beyond to carry their dogs in purses or even as far as to treat their animals just like humans with painted nails or costumes. The internet is always abuzz with some new video or funny picture of a pet; i.e. Grumpy Cat Movie, The Ultimate Dog Tease, and more.

One California man took his love for his pets just that extra “step”. Peter Cohen has spent upwards of $40 thousand on creating the ultimate kitty playground for his 18 rescue cats. Cohen has been trying to turn his Goleta home into the sweetest kitty paradise ever seen, since the 1990s.

What’s been the result? Well you’ll have to look at this video to see!

As you can see the cats have unlimited access and can traverse the house in myriad of ways – particularly with slides, ramps, shelves, “catwalks” and sweet looking multifunctional staircases.

“We try to take the kittens that other people don’t want, especially kittens that have been traumatized,” Cohen told Catster in an interview last year.

Cohen has spent thousands of dollars to create the kitty playhouse, but for him it wasn’t about the money or how other people might view him. It was about the love of the house, being artistic and giving the cats something they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

“Way more expensive than a sane person would build, but I didn’t care,” he said. “I love my cats, my house and art, so I designed it to be beautiful to me.”

The satisfaction that Cohen has knowing that he has brought a safe, friendly and loving environment to the rescue cats has been more than enough compensation.

“Giving rescued cats a better life means giving them a place that is solely their own,” he told Catster. “They give us unconditional love, and building the catwalks is one way of expressing my gratitude for that.”

Featured Staircases – Turkey’s Rainbow StaircaseIndoor Cat Playground Equipped With Staircases & More

Huseyin Cetinel, a retired forestry engineer wanted to make a heartwarming impact on the cities of Findikli and Cihangir in Istanbul. He accomplished this goal by spending $800 and four days of hard work to redecorate a supremely massive staircase in rainbow colors.

The local residents and community loved the painted staircase and the gesture so much that they promoted it on social media in a storm of praise. This action then brought tourists from around the world, and the staircase was even the feature for a couple’s wedding photos.

Cetinel was quite overwhelmed by the all the publicity, but he didn’t paint the staircase to cause a stir, but instead his goal was to give the community something to smile about. But then tragedy struck when the municipalities painted over the stairs with a dull, gray color.

That’s when the residents of the staircase came to the defense of the repainting and decided to do some repainting of their own. With the help again of social media and a few paintbrushes, the citizens repainted the staircase rainbow colors again, adding a new flair to the steps.

Now the rainbow staircase is there for the entire world to enjoy. If you get a chance to go to Istanbul, we highly recommend checking out this artistic and inspirational staircase. It’s a rainbow road of

Check Out This Cool, Inspirational Video Of The People Remaking Turkey’s Famous Rainbow Staircase


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