Is It Time to Update Your Staircase?

spiral staircaseWhen it comes to updating the appearance of your home or business, what are the first aspects you consider? If we had to guess, they would probably be the wall color, furniture style and decorative items like lamps and artwork. But if you are looking to add some real “wow” factor to your space, you may want to think bigger.

Wondering what big change you can make to help your home or business stand out amongst the crowd? A custom metal staircase will do just the trick!

Both large in size and in style, a modern staircase from Acadia Stairs can be shaped to meet your every need. Maybe you are looking to replace a set of stairs that have seen better days or maybe you desire an interior design change that will further accent your space’s overall theme and style.

Whether you are in the midst of building a new home or are remodeling your shop or restaurant’s current location, there are plenty of reasons that you may be thinking of designing a set of modern metal stairs.

Whatever the reason is for your staircase renovations, your options are absolutely endless.

There are straight, open riser staircases that will emphasize your home’s modern appearance. There are spiral staircases, perfect both for making a statement and adapting to small spaces. We even design ship ladders for stepping up to loft areas safety without losing any of your interior design style.

Feeling inspired to get started on your one-of-a-kind stair update?

Browse our online galleries for some more inspiration, and then give Acadia Stairs a call at 845-765-8600. Our New York shop is proud to say our stairs are built completely in the USA and are deliverable to the entirety of the country.