How to Keep Your Stairs Clear this Winter

snowy outdoor stairsAs snow and sleet fall this winter, outdoor stairs can become dangerous for individuals of all ages to manage. Whether your arms are full with gifts just purchased at the mall or you have a toddler or elderly relative who is unsteady on their feet, slipping on icy steps is a common cause of winter injuries.

With guests coming and going throughout the holiday season, we recommend a few stair precautions.

Shovel and De-Ice Regularly

With snow falling and ice building, it is important to clean your outdoor stairs regularly to prevent falls. We recommend keeping a shovel near the door and a bag of salt or another de-icer on hand to sprinkle on your steps. While shoveling may add a few minutes of work to your morning routine, it will be a great help to everyone in your home.

Keep Clutter and Decorations to a Minimum

When it comes to decorating the stairs in and outside your home, it is important to make sure railings are still usable and no items are in the way of the steps themselves. Especially in areas where snow is likely, decorations on your stairs can be covered in snow, making them invisible and dangerous to guests who stop by. Keep your stairs clear of decorations, instead decorating the railing and porch itself to ensure a safe and happy holiday season for all.

The basement stairs are another common place for clutter, especially as guests arrive. Many families tend to place boots and shoes along the stairs to conserve space, but these items can cause slips and falls, as the snow begins to melt off of them. Purchase a couple mats to place in your hallway or basement to hold winter boots, preventing puddles from forming on or around your staircase.

Consider Stair Treads

Looking to add some extra stability to your stairs? Stair treads are a great way to make stairs safer during the winter months.

Here at Acadia Stairs, we can make a wide variety of treads, including rubber treads and laminated glass treads with an anti-skid top. For more information on our tread options and the best choices for winter, give us a call at 845-765-8600.