Although our main focus at Acadia Stairs is the staircases themselves, we are also more than happy to create the metal fabrications that compliment them.

We fabricate and sell all kinds of gates to accompany our clients’ new metal staircases.

We have designed a wide variety of gate including:

  • Rolling gates
  • Multi-panel gates
  • And much more

We can make a gate for the top or the bottom of a spiral staircase, and our gates can be created with gravity latches, locking latches and even hidden latches. Available in stainless steel, aluminum and more, our gates are custom designed to match the stairs you purchased from us! 

Keep reading to learn about some of our previous gate creations.

gate1This gate is a 2 sided, 3 panel gate. It was made at the homeowner’s direction and fabricated by hand. The panels are hinged and it is designed to fold back on itself. The latch was concealed and integrated with the stop pin. The stop pins on both sides of the gate slide into stainless steel collars counter-sunk into the wood bench seat.


gate2This picture shows the side panels of the gate folded against the wall and fully open. Each panel of the gate folds exactly on top of each other for an extremely clean look.


gate3Here is a wrought iron gate designed for an exterior hallway. It is decorated with leaves and vines to add some depth to its simple shape and vertical bars.