Custom Metal Gates

Although our main focus is on our custom staircases, we also delve into other metal fabrication projects, including metal fences and metal gates. We fabricate and sell all kinds of gates to either stand alone or to accompany our clients’ new metal staircases.

custom metal gates

Types of Gates

Our team can design and manufacture any kind of metal gate—some of our most popular include:

  • Rolling gates: Often used in commercial or industrial spaces, these gates sit on wheels, allowing you to roll them out of the way.
  • Multi-panel gates: With two, three, or more panels, multi-panel gates use hinged panels that are designed to fold back on themselves. The latch is concealed for a seamless, minimalist look.
  • Wrought iron gate: From simple vertical bars to decorative, detailed designs, this type of gate is commonly used in exterior entryways, gardens, or spiral staircases.
metal gate

Metal Gate Features

No matter the type of gate you choose, all gates created by our fabrication team offer many features.

  • They can come in various styles ranging from leave and vine motifs to simple shapes and vertical bars
  • We can make a gate for the top or the bottom of a spiral staircase
  • Our gates can be created with gravity latches, locking latches, and even hidden latches
  • Available in stainless steel, aluminum and more, our gates are custom-designed to match the stairs you purchased from us!