Modernizing the Backbone of Your Staircase

When it comes to designing a modern staircase, it is only obvious to start working on the front. The risers, treads and handrails are all important components to consider in the creation of your stairs, but the back of your staircase is important too. Especially when the back of your staircase is left open for the world to see!

Sure, the first and most important role of the back of your stairs is to provide support, but who says this component can’t be both functional and attractive to the eye?

modern metal staircaseFor homeowners who want the back of their staircase to be just as stylish as the front, Acadia Stairs has years of experience creating modern medal stairs with plenty of personality. Whether you are looking to develop a single stringer, double stringer or spiral staircase, there are plenty of ways to make the backbone of your stairs stand out.

One great example is the contrast of wood treads and a metal back in the photo to the right.

This staircase compliments the homeowner’s décor and style perfectly; tying into the theme of wood cabinetry and furnishings with metal accents. This modern staircase is more than just a functional item in the home; it is a piece that ties the space together to create one fluid, modern style.

metal and wood staircaseSimilarly, the black metal base that holds up the dark wood treads of this double stringer staircase boldly contrasts the surrounding white walls.

This draws attention to the sleek, modern design of the stairs, allowing them to stand out beautifully as the statement piece of this crisp entryway.

Now that we have you thinking about the potential role of the back of your stairs, you may be interested in updating your current steps.

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