New Trends and Best Treads for Outdoor Staircases

New Trends and Best Treads for Outdoor StaircasesNot only does installing an outdoor staircase provide you with a functional staircase it also provides the exterior of your home with an attractive focal point. Although it’s important to install a functional staircase, you also want it to look good.

A spiral staircase, which Acadia Stairs is very familiar with, is currently trending as an outdoor staircase for good reason.

The spiral staircase is currently trending as an outdoor staircase because it is functional, practical, and looks great. Acadia Stairs has worked hard to create customized spiral staircases for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

An important part of choosing an outdoor staircase is making sure that the tread of that staircase is well-designed and durable.

The Appeal of a Spiral Staircase

Not only are spiral staircases aesthetically pleasing, they also serve a big purpose. Spiral staircases are currently treading as an ideal outdoor staircase because they typically save a lot space and are compact when compared to other staircases. By going with a spiral staircase, you’ll take up less space of your outdoor space. It will serve the same purpose as any other staircase while giving you more room!

Let’s more learn about the ideal treads for outdoor spaces.

Consider the Design Elements

If you’re going with an outdoor spiral staircase and you want it to look modern and sleek, you’ll probably want to go with steel or stainless steel materials. At Acadia Stairs, we offer several different plate options when you choose either of these materials for your staircase. From smooth plates, to diamond plates, to perforated plates, we’ll work with you to find the best option for your customized staircase.

For a more traditional staircase, you might be interested in installing wooden treads which we offer in red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and so much more. Choosing the right wood for your outdoor staircase is mostly about wear and tear: you don’t want to choose something too soft that will need to be treated frequently. 

Focus on Durability

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re installing an outdoor staircase is durability. Although indoor staircases get a lot of foot traffic, outdoor staircases must withstand weather elements. If you know that a staircase will experience high foot traffic as well, you may want to consider a heartier tread such as granite but we can lead you in the best direction.

When comparing indoor and outdoor staircases, you should never overlook the fact that exterior staircases will be exposed to the elements. The weather conditions in your area should certainly influence your decision when it comes to the type of tread you select.

If you want to add an outdoor staircase to your space with the best tread for you, contact Acadia Stairs at 845-765-8600 for guidance on the best staircase for you.