Protect Your Staircase from Painting Projects

Home Improvement Tips

Painting always seems like a simple enough task, until you decide to get started. It is only then that you start to see all of the nooks and crannies that you never even knew existed.

One of the places that can sometimes present a challenge during painting projects is around your staircase.

Your staircase is a focal point of your home, especially if you have a customized staircase from Acadia Stairs, so you should protect it when painting.

Here are a few tips to follow in order to protect your staircase from getting damaged.

Use the Proper Tools

As with any painting project, you want to use the right tools so that you are only painting the things that you want to paint.

Using the basics such as painters tape and plastic will do wonders to keep your stairs unaffected. Surround the steps, risers and any other part of the stairs that you want to keep paint-free.

Avoid Danger in High Areas

Whether you are trying to paint above the stairs or along the wall as you go up the stairs, you can avoid danger and expensive scaffolding by using an extension pole. Attach it to your roller for those high to reach places.


Before you get to work in those high areas, lift the pole with the attached roller and practice against the wall so you can tell how much pressure you will have to apply to the wall to get the desired effects.

Use a Heavy Drop Cloth

If you are painting your way up the stairs, avoid damaging your stairs by covering them with a large drop cloth. Some plastic drop cloths will allow paint to leak through; invest in a fabric drop cloth to be sure it will work.

At Acadia Stairs, we work to develop custom metal staircases that complement and refine the aesthetic of your space. Plus, they will always go well with a fresh paint job! Contact us to learn more about our newest designs.