Railing Designs for Your Staircase

Staircases for your home or business can be quite the decision. A lot of thought should go into what type of staircase do you want; fun or functional, size, shape, and tread. All those options can be deciding factors when constructing a new staircase or revamping your old one to be more viable in everyday use.

Railings are a decision that’s usually left to the end of the staircase production and is the piece de resistance. A unique railing design has multiple uses and is more than just a safety feature while walking up and down the staircase. An appealing railing really can make a staircase more noticeable and visually pop to the eye. And a custom fabricated railing doesn’t have to stop at the staircase. It can also be fitted to a balcony or the deck and porch that are connected to the stairs.

Railings can really be fabricated out of any material to fit the staircase, even out of random objects that could coincide with your business, hobbies or pleasures. Any inspiration you have for a staircase, whether the stair is straight, spiral or curved, there’s a railing that can be realized. Even if it’s for an existing staircase that you want remodeled, there are railings that can be made to fit.Railing Designs for Your Staircase

So what types of ideas of railing exist?

Basic modern ideas for staircase railings are just stainless steel railings, wooden baluster railings or traditional iron wrought handrails, which are simple and practical for everyday use. But why stop there? Put Acadia’s talents to the test!

Some visions for a custom railing could include:

  • For the outdoorsmen or lodge, a tree branch stair railing design that is woven up the stairs and into panel that follows the railing. Or scratch the tree branches and use deer or moose antlers instead and give it more of a hunters look.
  • If you are into boating or working on ships, create the look that you are back on the sea with a railing made of oars. The oars could be stained to match the woodwork, and multiple oars can be used to go the distance of the stairs.
  • A bubblier look could be made with a metal railing design. The metal rings inside the panel can be colored differently and sized variations can be used to look like there are actual bubbles in the staircase.
  • Perhaps the pattern of the iron can be more artsy with a more floral design. Vines and flowers could be cascading in the panel of the railing, as it spirals up the stairs. Or have sheet of metal with designed cut outs in the panel that could look like grass or water, giving it a livelier look.
  • A shiny metal handrail can be made to fit a glass panel with a more see through look to the staircase for a doctor’s office.
  • A railing system could combine wood or steel handrails and posts, with stainless steel cables that are strong, thin lines but when under tension give the areas a more open look to the staircase and balcony.
  • Wooden posts and handrails with a wire mesh panel could give the stairs a more rustic look in your household.
  • Another option could be to incorporate your businesses logo into the design of the railing.

Also for a commercial business, a railing would have to be built to code. Acadia can accommodate those types of regulations with no issue.

Railing Designs for Your StaircaseIf you are really feeling adventurous and fun, having the room in your house to do so of course, there’s an idea for yourself but mostly for your kids. Attaching a slide to the side of the railing of the staircase could be a very cool thing to work with. There could be a curve, spiral, or straight wooden slide attached so you could skip the use of going down the stairs altogether.

The possibilities are endless. You just need a little ingenuity and imagination with your railing to create the ultimate design. It’s a small and can sometimes be an overlooked aspect in the process of making a staircase, but it can go a long way in showing visitors that you have a little style and panache.

So bring your ideas for a railing to the professionals at Acadia Stairs. They will go over what railings can be made, and in a digital mock up, show you what your ideas can look like as before they become reality.