Renovating Your Attic And Need To Conserve Space? Use A Spiral Staircase

Renovating Your Attic And Need To Conserve Space? Use A Spiral StaircaseHome renovations are a big project. The time it takes to plan, design, construct and pay for the renovation can take several months. The commitment to making a huge change in your home is a big decision.

Have you noticed lately that you have utilized every space in your home and are now looking to expand upwards?

Renovating an attic space is a great idea for turning a relatively unusable space into a usable one.  Be remodeling your attic you are gaining an additional bedroom, bathroom, and communal living area, as well as ample storage.

The task of renovating an attic is a large one and one of the decisions to make is what kind of staircase you will install for obtaining access. You can certainly go with a straight staircase, but this will result in the taking over of a lot of ground space where the installation will begin.

If you are already limited on space, a straight staircase is probably not suitable for you.

Have you considered a spiral staircase?

Spiral staircases are the number one space saving staircase. Spiral stairs are compact in the construction and consume the least amount of ground space. For an attic conversion or addition, the spiral is the way to go.

Spiral staircases need around a 5-foot square area at the base of the staircase and with that you will still be able to move around the stairs to access the other side. Even if the stairs have to be placed in the middle of a hallway, getting around it won’t be a problem.

Even if you don’t necessarily need to conserve space but want to take a minimalist approach, a spiral staircase is the way to go. Spiral staircases do have a narrower incline than other stair types, but they are completely safe and functional for daily use.

Acadia Stairs has a variety of spiral staircase designs that include a center pole and those without. If you need to gain access to a renovated attic by stair, contact us today to discuss a practical and space saving staircase.