Safety First! What Anti-Skid Products Can Do For You

In your home or office, safety should be your number one priority. Injuries from unsafe stairwells are commonly reported, whether it happens in a commercial building or within the four walls of a private residence. While accidents may always happen, they can be easily prevented. Building owners are beginning to implement specific tactics and tools to increase the safety of their inhabitants.

What Anti-Skid Stair Products Can Do For You | Acadia Stairs

The solution for safe staircases is simple: anti-skid products. Anti-skid items such as rubber tread stickers or grip tape are great for increasing traction in stairwells or any location where falls are common. Since the April showers are pouring, the risk for a slip and fall is heightened. Stairs are increasingly dangerous during the spring season as residents track water and mud through these walkways. With the addition of an anti-skid product, the chance of a serious injury can be drastically reduced.

Most of these products are made of adhesive materials and are designed to provide additional traction without being an eyesore. The options for anti-skid products and tread styles are seemingly endless so that they can be easily coordinated with your existing staircase. From concrete to solid oak, anti-skid tapes are designed to affix to any surface to increase safety in your home or office building.

The decision to install an anti-skid product onto your staircase is an investment that you will continue to reap rewards from. Not only will you save yourself from injury but you will eliminate the costs that result from an accident; medical bills, leave of absence from work and if severe enough, legal expenses.

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(Posted by Todd Norman of Acadia Stairs)