Ships Ladders: Modern Uses

While Acadia Stairs is known for our professional grade, custom built stairs (straight, curved and spiral), we are also in the trade of making custom ship ladders for all your business or personal needs.

In their early existence, Ships Ladders were used primarily in the maritime industry, where they got their name. There wasn’t enough room to build graduated stairs in certain spaces, so ship builders created these structures to accommodate their needs.

Sometimes called ship’s stairs, the main function for a Ship’s ladder is to create a stair like apparatus without taking up much room. Modern versions are available in a wide array of finishes, which can be dependent on the décor.

Check out a Ship’s Ladder in Action

Ship ladders have multiple safety features such as hand rails that can travel the length of the ladder and beyond. Or as a space saver, cut outs along the sides can be made for hand grips. Ship ladders can also have various levels of steepness or be bracketed so when they are not needed, they can be put out of the way.

There is also an alternating tread stair that be customized upon request. These are made to have a shorter height, but longer width and the steps alternate. You must go up and down the stairs according to its pattern. These types of ship’s ladders save space, and also giving you the ability to go down the stairs face forward.

Modern Uses for Ship’s Ladders

Ship’s ladders have many uses. It’s easy to make one that will fit your needs, whether it is in your business, home or other functional modern use.

Some modern designs make the ship’s ladder look just like it went meant to be a part of the room of your house. The ladder can be similar in build to match the wood decor in your house, and they can be used to get from the living room to a loft above. Or if your old attic stairs need to be revamped, slap a ship’s ladder onto the entrance and make the trip to the old, dusty room a more enjoyable one.

No matter of the size of the room, the space saving ship’s ladder can be a tool of convenience.

Perhaps you have a small cabin out in the woods. A removable ship’s ladder can be crafted that can be used to enter a smaller room above the main floor.

For businesses, as you can see in the video, you can use ship stairs to get to storage areas that are placed in awkward parts of your facility. Going up and down, carrying small equipment for storage isn’t difficult either, with the use of a ship’s ladder. Adjustable hand rails can make the transfer more comfortable.

Ships Ladders: Modern UsesSimilarly with an alternating tread stair, you can put your hot tub on an elevated patio and have the visual effect and versatility, amaze your friends. Or if you’re porch or deck is elevated on your property and you wanted to attach an alternating tread stair for a more modern look, this type of structure could be created and fitted as well.

Some fun ways to use a ship’s ladder might be to have it installed and bracketed to a rail that goes around a library at a school, to view books that are higher up on shelves. Or to make a tree-house structure more accessible to children, a ship’s ladder can be constructed to make the up and down transition safer. Also the ship’s stairs can be taken away in the event you don’t want the children going up in the tree-house structure, for safety reasons at the times you want to limit access.

Let Acadia Stairs accommodate your needs. Consult with the professional design team has the knowledge and know how to create whatever you can imagination can come up with. The options are essentially endless with the uses of ship’s ladders, and alternating tread stairs.

Whichever ships ladder you might choose Acadia Stairs can also ship you just the hardware if you want to build your own structure or we can ship the whole kit. If you need more information on ship’s ladder or any type of accommodation you might need, feel free to contact Acadia Stairs today at 845-765-8600.