Staircase Sculpture Makes Debut in Buenos Aires

Captial City of Buenos AiresCreated in 1956, the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires has amazed the world for over 60 years with its dedication to displaying the latest in artistic trends and contemporary styles. With a focus on the Avant-guard, the museum exists to give visitors a memorable brush-up with gorgeous artwork.

Like all popular attractions, museums grow and change with time, requiring updates and renovations to keep guests coming back.

The Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires recently received a stunning renovation which included a gorgeous staircase sculpture.

MSGSSS architects modified and joined together two existing buildings near the museum to expand the space. They used new elevators and the sculptural staircase to create a way for visitors to easily access all parts of the museum.

Builders constructed the staircase with black parapets, marble steps, and iron handrails, creating a bold new structure that connects all the museum’s rooms and levels. The structure proves both useful and aesthetically pleasing, offering different points of view that trick the eye and impress guests.

The staircase adds some dynamic interest to the museum with superimposed sections that give it depth and intrigue. Bold and dramatic, the staircase sculpture gives new life to the museum. With easier access to all levels of the museum, art enthusiasts can enjoy their visit with ease.

Other new structures added to the Museum of Modern Art include seven exhibition rooms, new meeting spaces, an education room, a new eating space, and a new store.

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