Staircases to Explore This Summer

When it comes to planning a family vacation, there are a few different routes you can take. And while some prefer to spend their vacation time relaxing on a warm, sandy beach, we at Acadia Stairs are partial to exploring.

For people like us who are obsessed with good design – especially when it comes to stairs – there are no better spots to vacation than those that offer us an opportunity to check out some of history’s most incredible steps. From California to Peru, here are just a few unique staircases we can’t wait to reach the top of!

Derinkuyu Underground CityDerinkuyu Stairs

Part of an expansive underground city located in Cappadocia, Turkey, the Derinkuyu Stairs were carved thousands of years ago and much of their history remains clouded in mystery. The subterranean expanse is located about 150 feet below ground and is believed to have been inhabited by the Phrygians and Persians between eighth and sixth century B.C.

Nowadays, there are daily tours throughout the area, just be ready to do a lot of crouching if you plan to experience this cavernous city – the 75 steps have just a four foot clearance.

 Inca Stairs

Experience a glimpse back through history as you explore the Inca Stairs of Machu Picchu. Located in Peru, these granite steps were carved into the side of Huayna Picchu and lead up to the Moon Temple. A beautiful ceremonial shrine built into a cave, there is some intricate stonework to see when you make it all the way up. The long, steep trek may be a tough one, but the view from the top is worth every minute of it!

Florli Stairs NorwayFlorli Stairs

With 4,444 steps, the Florli Stairs of Lysefjord, Norway is located near an old power station and ascend more than 2,000 feet in the air! The longest wooden staircase in the world, these steps offer an incredible view of the surrounding landscape and can be walked in entirety in three or four hours.

For families with younger children, there is also an option to walk the first 1,000 or so steps and return back to the village by trail.

Moaning Cavern Stairs

Located in California, the Moaning Cavern is home to a variety of family friendly activities, including a trek down 235 metal stairs! Build almost 100 years ago this twisting, turning staircase takes you more than 150 feet below ground into an enormous cavern with quite a story to tell.

One of the most interesting facts about the spiral staircase: It was created from the metal of a WWI battleship!

Regardless of which staircase adventure you choose to embark on this summer, you are sure to take in some incredible and eye opening sights. And after experiencing stairs like these in all their glory, you may be inspired to beautify the staircase in your own home.

For a one-of-a-kind staircase that meshes perfectly with the architecture and style of your space, contact Acadia Stairs by phone at 845-765-8600. Whether you prefer straight, curved or spiral stairs, our metal designs have much to offer your home.