Stairs Aren’t Just For Looks

Stairs Aren’t Just For LooksFor stair lovers, they can name their favorite visually appealing or architectural staircase masterpieces around the world. Staircases have such an enthusiastic and extraordinary following that there are even websites showcasing unique staircases or designs, so that the staircase lover can bathe in the glory of the stair.

Stairs were the obvious choice for many moons, before the invention of the elevator took all the convenience from the staircase. Famous architects were known for their creative designs of staircases, especially in the big and upcoming cities. But as time progressed, so did lethargy for using the staircase.

So, staircases took the back seat to escalators and elevators, because they didn’t have the modern “get me somewhere quick or with little effort” ability. Even though staircases can be beautiful works of art and are used in everyday life, the common staircase was put to the side.

But now aren’t stairs just for looks, though they certainly can be.

In a recent NPR article called “One Step To Combat Obesity: Make Stairs More Attractive”, architect and former New York City commissioner of the Department of Design and Construction, David Burney says it’s time to celebrate stairs.

NYC is one of the most populated cities in the world, and now the city is looking to build more attractive and healthy promoting staircases in order for people to use them and become healthier in the process. To battle obesity, research shows that taking the stairs has a multitude of health benefits.

“As architects and planners, we’ve been part of the problem, in terms of making our lives so sedentary, making things so easy. And there are ways that we can and should correct that,” said Burney.

Burney goes on to talk about the fact that it’s a proven fact over the years; changes in the built environment have helped battle health concerns. This has created a strong relationship between planners, public health and architects.Stairs Aren’t Just For Looks

In the article Dr. Karen Lee also discusses that from the health side, using stairs is an immensely vigorous activity, and it’s more advantageous than jogging. Citing a long-term study of 10,000 men done at Harvard, using the stairs burns more calories the more stairs used per week, which would reduce chance for a stroke by 29 percent.

They say on average that U.S. adults gain about a pound a year. In another research study, Dr. Lee says that if Americans just did about two more minutes of stairs per day, it would offset the average weight gain per year that is seen.

New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has already started hanging posters in the effort to make the city’s population aware of the project, with the posters reading “Burn Calories, Not Electricity. Take the Stairs!”

Stairs Aren’t Just For LooksAll around this kind of initiative in NYC helps out our society. It doesn’t have to be in just the big cities either, this effort can happen anywhere. From the staircase top to the bottom (pun intended), it creates not only economic growth to build the staircases and architectural work, but also can create a tourism to the area where the stairs are built.

Who doesn’t want to visit the Vatican and check out the famous spiral staircase there? Or, like the article referenced, check out Grand Central Station’s attractive staircases? Get some photos with family and friends, showing everyone who follows you on social media what wonders you’ve seen. Who knows, maybe one of your amateur photographs might go viral and be used in posters discussing the health benefits of using the stairs!

Knowing now all the benefits that stairs can provide, it’s no wonder so many organizations are on board to have more unique staircases built. If Americans are living longer, healthier lives, then they will be able to enjoy and experience all the many staircases that can be found around the world.

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