Take the Extra Step: Remodel Around Staircase

Remodel Around Staircase If you live in a modern home, chances are that the architectural details inside it are minimal; architects and designers have placed a higher value on function than form in recent years. For many people, the home’s staircase is one of the grandest interior architectural features.

If you’ve recently updated your staircase, consider updating the space around it as well.

Stairways are utilitarian in nature; they’re designed to carry people and things from one floor of the home to the next. However, a staircase is often the focal point of the home and the space around it becomes a focus as a result.

When redesigning the space around your new staircase, you want to think about how the staircase fits into your home’s aesthetic.

  • If you have a primarily modern home, staircases with minimalist features such as floating treads might be present. Consider adding succulents along the edge of the steps or exposed lighting above the island of the staircase to add a flare of personal expression.
  • If you live in a more traditional home but you’ve recently updated your staircase, consider adding a big glass window on the staircase wall to let in light and emphasize the staircase itself.  

If you love your fresh staircase and want to be sure to draw attention to it, you can always try:

  • Hanging mirrors
  • Displaying photographs
  • Finding artwork that will help complement the space

Keep in mind that the way your staircase will present itself is not all about the physical stairs: it’s also about where the top and the bottom of the staircase meet the floor. Don’t be afraid to decorate either space with statement pieces such as a small table, a canvas or a throw rug.

If your home has a lot of “dead space” underneath where your staircase is, consider utilizing it in a practical way. Many people use the underneath of their staircase to store books, add seating, and so forth.

Don’t forget, the wall color surrounding your staircase will also gain a lot of attention as a result of a custom staircase. The color will have a big impact on the overall presentation of the staircase and how people feel when looking at it.

Find a color that goes with your design aesthetic:

  • Warm colors are great if you’re shooting for a traditional look
  • Cooler blues and grays are increasingly popular in modern homes.

If you’re looking to add a custom staircase into your home, contact Acadia Stairs.