Three Major Signs You Should Replace Your Staircase

Staircases will see a lot of traffic, which means they’re subject to lots of wear and tear. A few dings and scratches are normal for such a high-traffic area, but there comes a time when you should really consider replacing your staircase. Here are some of the signs that your staircase needs to be replaced:

Creaking or damaged treadsThree Major Signs You Should Replace Your Staircase

Treads in the stairs are typically wedged tightly in position, keeping the stairs secure. Over time and heavy usage, these wedges will loosen, causing a creaking sound. If it’s only a few steps, you can get away with a few repairs on it. However, if the majority of your steps are creaking, it’s not a bad idea to consider an entirely new staircase design. This is especially the case if you notice splinters or cracks in the tread.

Loose railings, posts, and balusters

One loose post is one thing, but if multiple parts of your staircase feel like they’re about to fall off, then it’s time for a replacement. While this is true for any part of the staircase, when railings and posts start to go, that’s a sign of aging on a staircase that needs to go.

Unsteady under-structure

If your staircase is visibly in good shape up above, you should still check below. A stair’s under-structure carries the staircase and is often the first place where foundation issues arise. This comes from either storm damage, or time, as a house can shift over the year and move the staircase. So if you notice that the under-structure is uneasy, or broken, then it’s time for a replacement.

If you find your staircase needs replacing, then give Acadia Stairs a call. Our custom staircases can fit the style and design of any home. Contact us today for more information!