Three Reasons to Choose Open Riser Stairs

open riser staircaseSeen both indoors and outdoors in homes and businesses, open riser staircases may be short on rise, but they are long on style. Why are more and more families and business owners opting to incorporate this staircase style into their modern interior design?

Let in Light

Every homeowner searches for ways to take advantage of and enhance their space’s lighting, and an open riser staircase is the perfect way to do just this. Instead of blocking the light that flows downward from the second floor of your home, let it brighten up the room that your staircase is located within.

More than just a way to add extra light to your space, open riser staircases also create an airy and accessible atmosphere that will make your space feel bigger.

Compliment an Open Floor Plan

A large, closed staircase can easily disrupt the appearance of your open floorplan, while an open riser staircase helps to enhance it, allowing sightlines to continue throughout the space. Regardless of if your stairs in the middle of an open area or along an outer wall, the space beneath them can be used for seating, storage, a desk and much more.

Enhance Modern Style

Not only are open riser stairs a functional addition to many homes, they also have a sleek, modern look that many homeowners love. Whether you are looking to add a curved, spiral, or single/double stringer staircase to your home, an open riser version can be created!

One of our specialties here at Acadia Stairs, open riser staircases offer a brightness and modern appeal that many homeowners crave. If you are looking to enhance the aesthetic of your home or business with the addition of a metal, open riser staircase, please call us at 855-878-2477 to get started on the project.