Top 3 Benefits to LED Stairs

When you’re building your custom staircase, you’ll be considering a wide variety of features. One of those features may be LED lights. Installing LED stairs can bring many benefits to your home or business. Below are just some of the few reasons why you should consider building LED stairs.

stair treads with led lighting

Improved safety

By lighting up your staircase, you won’t have to worry about any nasty accidents because someone couldn’t see where they were going. LED stairs light up each individual tread, allowing everyone to see where they’re going. Plus, by installing LED stairs, you won’t have to worry about installing additional lighting around your custom staircase.

Set the mood

LED stairs are dimmable and tunable, with colors ranging from warm-white to cool-white. This allows you to set the mood. Having a romantic dinner with your significant other? Dim the lights and turn your LED stairs to warm-white. Having an office party? Change it to cool-white and keep the stairs bright. The possibilities are endless!

Environmentally- and budget-friendly

Our custom stairs are lit up using LED lights. LEDs have low energy consumption, so they contribute the least amount of greenhouse gases than any other light source. Not only will they save the environment, they will also save your wallet. Thanks to their low energy consumption, you’ll pay less on energy bills while still being able to light your staircase.

Here at Acadia Stairs, our custom stairs now offer LED lights built into the treads. To learn more, contact us today to schedule a consultation!