Transform Your Home this Spring through Staircase Redesign

Spring is just around the corner, and so what better time to start thinking home redesign? At Acadia Stairs, we offer customers an extensive selection of custom staircase designs to really get you into that “spring cleaning” mood, with styles that give off a sense of renewal in your home.

Change is in the air—check out these staircase redesigns for your home this spring! Transform Your Home this Spring through Staircase Redesign

Light the Way

A simple way of sprucing up a staircase is just adding a light to it. Light fixtures can either hang in the center of the staircase, like a chandelier, or light up your every step as you walk up or down the stairs to showcase its architectural beauty using interior lights that suit your staircase style, and even Contour LED or RGB lights for extra drama and fun!

Explore the Color Wheel

Every house has a color palette—it’s the few colors that make up the interior of each room, or passageway, and having a consistent pattern is what every beautiful home is made of. And that’s something your staircase should be a part of. This spring, redesign your stairs with a rainbow of new, setting-appropriate colors, so it aligns with the atmosphere created in your home.

Give Life to New Space

One thing we often tell customers is that the wall space above or besides staircases often goes underused. So make it your mission this spring to put that space to good use. Some creative options include:

  • Creating a picture mural alongside the stairs.
  • Display artwork that really brings the untouched spaces of your home.
  • Add mirror mosaics that can help reflect light.
  • Use interesting-looking picture frames of different sizes to move the eye along.
  • Give your stairway a story to tell!

Bring the Stairs Outside

If there was one way to really ring in the season with your stairways, it’s bringing them outside. Some of the most beautiful stair designs today are adorned with seasonal planters or lined with colorful flowers, to transform your backyard and property with a feeling of growth. What else says spring better than flowers and sunshine?

With Acadia Stairs, we’ll help you every step of the way (no pun intended). When it comes to redesigning your stairs for the season, we want to help execute your plan exactly how you envision it.

Let’s Begin.