Why Consider Choosing a Steel Tread

Steel Staircase TreadsYou’ve made the decision: it’s time to build a new staircase. You know what design you want, how it’ll fit into your space, and the purpose that it’ll serve. But you’re left with one lingering question: what material are you going to use for the tread?

While there are several different tread options to choose from, steel treads come with a variety of different benefits to consider.

Steel is Durable

There’s a good chance that you’re going to be using your staircase a lot. Your staircase’s treads need to be reliable and able to sustain large amounts of weight over a long period of time. Steel is the perfect material in this category; it doesn’t succumb to external pressures, like weather or termites, and never rots. That allows it to be used both inside and outside, another bonus.

Design Capabilities

While steel may seem cold and solid, it actually surprises our customers just how malleable to unique designs it is. There’s a reason it’s beloved in the architecture world—with steel treads, you can add glass, wood, or other design elements easily for a modernized industrial look.

Minimal Maintenance

Steel is economical for one major reason: it requires little to no maintenance which means you save in the long run. As mentioned, it’s not subject to weather or decay and is incredibly easy to clean. The two factors make steel the most stress-free material to use on treads, while other materials can require costly, time-consuming repairs. Go the affordable route: go with steel.

Acadia Stairs offers steel as one of our main tread options. And it’s largely because of these reasons mentioned above—when customers see how durable, design-friendly, and economical they are, they’re more than happy to share the love. Contact us today if you have any questions about steel treads!