A Fun And Creative Thing To Do With Stairs

The purpose of a staircase is obvious; it is a means for going from one floor to the next. With a staircase, you can get creative with the design in terms of type, whether straight or spiral, detailed banister and steps, wood or metal, and so on.

You can take the creativity one step further with designing and installing a staircase to be more fun, useful, and convenient. Without compromising the safety of those using the stairs, there are ways to take the design up a notch and go out of the box.A Fun And Creative Thing To Do With Stairs

Utah Valley University has an idea to implement into the campus staircases for two reasons: one being it for uniqueness and two, for safety. Countless times a day, students who are more aware of what they’re doing on their phone while utilizing the steps are less aware of those other people and inanimate objects they are about to crash into.

It is a safety concern when students have their heads buried in their phone for texting and browsing while walking up and down steps. To help combat this issue, UVU has a plan for designating three lanes on the staircases, one for walking, another for running, and the third for texting.

This unique idea caters to an overwhelming problem of staircase accidents and stairs being overcrowded. Just like with traffic lanes, everyone in the same lane as you will be doing the same. If you’re walking or running up the steps, you’ll be at the same pace as all others and if you’re texting, all others will be standing still, which eliminates the problem of crashing into others.

Hopefully UVU will spark an interest in other schools and heavily trafficked places to implement a system such as UVU with designated walking, running, texting lanes.

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