Accentuate The Wall Beneath Your Staircase

The area surrounding the bottom of your staircase can be an awkward one to decorate, but when you have a gorgeous, custom designed stairway in your home or business, you want it to look its best! And accenting it with the right furniture and art is the perfect way to do so. Depending on your personal style and the function you want this area to serve, the design possibilities are endless.

single stringer staircaseDesign a Salon

Especially if your staircase is located near the entrance of your home, the short stretch of wall below the stair railing is the perfect place to set up a salon. A low backed chaise lounge or a backless bench can be paired with a small table and lamp, creating a stylish area where to you can relax and read or chat with guests when their first arrive.

Incorporate Stylish Storage

Looking for a spot to store boots, hats, gloves and more? A chest has plenty of space for all your unsightly entryway clutter. The perfect height, it won’t disrupt the sight of your staircase railing when placed against the wall below it. There are also plenty of styles and colors to choose from, letting you compliment your interior design style with this functional piece.

staircase wall Create Symmetry

If your staircase stands to the side, like this one does, highlight the doorway into the rest of your home with a symmetrical display. Planters overflowing with greenery create an especially welcoming feeling, while providing your home with cleaner, fresher air.

Offer Seating

Especially for families with young children, tucking a bench against your stairway wall is a great option. A spot to sit down to take your sneakers on and off, a bench with storage for backpacks and sports equipment inside is ideal.

staircase console tableAdd a Console Table

Sleek, stylish and perfectly sized to tuck against the wall below your stair rail, a console table can provide a decorative spot for your keys and mail. Never again will you have to wander your house wondering where you set these easily misplaced items! Instead, add a touch of style to your staircase while creating an accessible home for these goods.

Now that you have some staircase wall inspiration, it’s time to decorate your space to compliment the design of your stairs. Looking to give your entire entryway a makeover? Acadia Stairs can create a completely customized staircase to accent the aesthetic of your home. View our online galleries for some inspiration and call us at 845-765-8600 to start creating your dream staircase.