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How to Style Your Staircase Landing

bookshelf at top of stairs

When it comes to decorating your home, one area that often goes overlooked is the staircase landing. A cozy little spot perfect for displaying art or curling up with a good book, there are so many possibility to consider. Here are some ideas to help get you started: Install Shelving  Adding built-in shelving to your… Read more »

How to Use The Space Underneath Your Staircase

Ideas For Utilizing The Space Underneath Your Double Stringer Straight Staircase

The space underneath a staircase is often underutilized. However, if you use and decorate the space the right way, you can spice up your home while creating a beautiful space and better functionality. Not sure what you should do? Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Bookshelves & A Reading Nook Add… Read more »

How to Choose Staircase Railings for Your Home

When you install a new, custom staircase in your home, you should never neglect one of its most important features: the railing. Railings can make your staircase safer while also enhancing its overall aesthetic. But how do you choose the right railing for your staircase and home? Read on to learn more: Consider your home’s… Read more »

3 Ways to Design Your Staircase Landing Space

A staircase landing is an area of floor that can be at the bottom, top, or partway up a flight of stairs. Top landings are usually where the upstairs rooms are accessed, and there can often be a lot of voided space there. When a landing is partway up the stairs, it enables a smooth… Read more »

How to Decorate Your Staircase for the Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us. So, while you’re decorating your home for the holidays, don’t forget to decorate your staircase too! A well-decorated staircase can create a welcoming atmosphere for all of the guests you’ll be inviting over for the next two months. But how, exactly, should you decorate your stairs? It’s up to… Read more »

Decorating Your Staircase with a Garden

Decorating Your Staircase with a Garden

Whether it’s indoors or out, decorating your staircase with a garden is a unique and lively way to redesign your home. Not only are there various health benefits to adding more plant life into your home, but a garden staircase can also create a trendy, summer space that will update your staircase in an instant…. Read more »

3 Ways to Decorate Your Staircase for Easter

3 Ways to Decorate Your Staircase for Easter

Easter is just a few weeks away, so chances are that you’re looking for a way to decorate your home for the holiday. A celebration of rebirth and the joy of the spring season, Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to add a pop of color and cheer to your home, including your staircases. Whether you… Read more »

How to Decorate Your Staircase for the Holidays

December is drawing near, which means it’s time to decorate our homes for the holidays. There are the outdoor Christmas lights for your house, the stockings above your fireplace, and, of course the Christmas tree in your family room. As you’re busy getting home festive for the holidays, though, you shouldn’t forget about decorating your… Read more »

5 Ways to Decorate Your Staircase

Ways to Decorate your Staircase

Your staircases serve a functional purpose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good while doing it. Staircases, admittedly, can be a bit difficult to design, so here are a few ideas to get you started. Use lots of artwork The walls along your staircase are perfect for hanging artwork. This could range from the… Read more »

Derail Your Typical Thoughts About Staircases

Acadia Stairs Modern Staircases

Yes, that headline was pun-intended. A crucial part of a stunning staircase is a staircase railing. What would a staircase be without them? Across the world, there are incredibly unique staircase railing designs out there that redefine what a staircase railing can be. Here’s a few of our favorite staircase railings! Glass Finish Staircase Railing… Read more »