Benefits of Metal Staircases

For those looking to revamp the inside or outside look of their homes, metal staircases are an option we often recommend because they are the perfect alternative to wood or stone. Its malleable qualities make metal a highly sought after building material in many home renovation projects.

Here are three great benefits of installing a metal staircase in your home. Benefits of Metal Staircases

Sturdy and Durable

One of the most important advantages of metal staircases is that they are extremely durable. Metal is a more resistant building material, and is not as easily affected by extreme temperatures. You won’t have to worry about continual upkeep with the low-maintenance nature of metal, and no seal, varnish, or paint is necessary in maintaining its sharp appearance.

Cost Effective and Easy to Install

Because metal is a flexible building material as much as it is a resistant one, choosing it for your staircase build will make the installation process go much easier for you, as construction costs will be kept down and you will be able to maintain your project budget. Once installed, metal staircases will add more than appeal to your home; they will add value as they are highly pined over and sought after by home buyers.

Versatile Design

This advantage goes along with cost effectiveness and easy installation. Metal can be welded and cut in many different designs, including the ones we can offer at Acadia Stairs, which are spiral, straight, and curved designs. This material looks great in all aesthetics.

Acadia Stairs creates beautiful sculptural staircases in addition to a number of unique metal fabrications that add value to your home. For questions regarding custom metal fences, railings, staircases, and artwork, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more.