Underrated Benefits of Floating Stairs

Indoors stairs in a modern architecture building. Black and white high contrast picture

Floating stairs, a modern architectural marvel, have become a favorite in contemporary home design. While their aesthetic appeal is often the first thing that captures attention, there are several underrated benefits to these minimalist marvels. Today we’ll share some insights into the less obvious advantages of incorporating floating stairs into your home or business. Enhancing… Read more »

Our Top 3 Creative Ways to Use More Staircase Space

Using Space Under the Stairs

A recent movement has made function as important as design which has architects often considering how to utilize the space under a staircase just as much as the staircase itself. Staircases are now serving a purpose beyond their practical use by offering many functions beneath the staircase itself. Create a Space for Work or Play… Read more »

Derail Your Typical Thoughts About Staircases

Acadia Stairs Modern Staircases

Yes, that headline was pun-intended. A crucial part of a stunning staircase is a staircase railing. What would a staircase be without them? Across the world, there are incredibly unique staircase railing designs out there that redefine what a staircase railing can be. Here’s a few of our favorite staircase railings! Glass Finish Staircase Railing… Read more »

In the Acadia Stairs Spotlight: The Living Staircase

Lush Plant Hanging in Window

Here at Acadia Stairs, we like to think that the right staircase design can be more than inspiring. It can breathe new life into a stale space while giving you a brand-new perspective. Acadia Stairs loves highlighting staircase designs that we believe take the “extra step,” showing people what staircases can really do for a… Read more »

Benefits of Metal Staircases

Benefits of Metal Staircases

For those looking to revamp the inside or outside look of their homes, metal staircases are an option we often recommend because they are the perfect alternative to wood or stone. Its malleable qualities make metal a highly sought after building material in many home renovation projects. Here are three great benefits of installing a… Read more »

Unique Qualities of Floating Staircases

Modern Floating Staircase

When we walk into a home, the first focal point that usually meets our eyes is the staircase. It’s a structure with grand appeal and function, and when customized, it is threaded seamlessly into the architectural style of a home; so seamlessly, in fact, that sometimes it may appear as if it’s floating. Floating staircases… Read more »