Current Trending Staircases Worldwide

Current Trending Staircases WorldwideAlthough Acadia Stairs creates customized staircases that complement and refine the aesthetic of your space, we can’t deny that there are some other pretty incredible staircase concepts out there.

We looked into trending staircase concepts that have gained lot of attention in recent months and every staircase is unique to itself.

Hanging Staircase in Alabama

One of our personal favorites is a staircase located in Auburn, AL, pictured here. This spiral staircase has been around for over 170 years and professional architects can’t seem to figure out how it has remained standing. Located inside of the historical “Halliday Cary Pick House,” this hanging staircase made of mahogany is similar in appearance to a spiral staircase. However, the staircase has no real means of support. It has no center post and does not rest on a wall. Although it is attached to the floor, it stands alone otherwise. This staircase has earned the nickname “the hanging staircase.”

Oak Staircase in Paris

A staircase in Paris, designed by Ora Ïto, consists of 429 individual wooden slats that reach four stories high. The staircase was designed for a media building that serves luxury brands and leads to office. Ïto stated, “I wanted the staircase to be the centerpiece of the building” and it most certainly is. The warm tones of the rich oak stand out against the rest of the building’s interior which is primarily white. The curved edges of the staircase create a “wave-like” appearance.

Staircase Art in Paris

Paris made our list for two reasons, and the second is an art installation concept revolving around a staircase. An art installation titled “Mechanics of History” consists of a standing staircase and trampoline and has received plenty of international attention.  The art is located in Le Pantheon, an ancient building in Paris’ Latin Quarter, where dancers go from the trampoline to the staircase effortlessly as the both of them rotate.

Looking to get a customized staircase? Acadia Stairs has helped countless home and business owners improve the aesthetics and functionality of their home or building through our unique staircase designs.