Custom Spiral Staircase Design And Applications (Videos)

Custom Spiral Staircase Design And Applications (Videos)With a staircase that needs to be designed or custom made, a customer could be interested in putting a staircase in their older house or find a solution to a new home or commercial property’s addition. For example a need for a convenient and easier way to traverse from their porch to the backyard without taking the proverbial “leap of faith” as exterior spiral stairs are a great way to add an architectural detail to the backyard deck or patio. Broken bones from jumping off a porch into the grass are not needed when a staircase fabricated for your needs can be a simple solution.

These are the times and the situations where a custom, tailor-made staircase can come in handy and become functional. Inside the home or building a staircase can become the centerpiece in the layout. For a new property addition; like a two-story garage, attic attachment, new basement – cellar entrance or backyard deck or porch, a staircase is very much beneficial to any customer. This is also where the customer can be more open and unrestricted to the design and how the staircase will be fabricated.

Customization of a staircase is where the creative process can come into play. If the customer has an eye of what they want or specific preference, the design can come into fruition and applied quite easily. But if the customer is more liberal with the design, then it’s up to the fabricators to either show them a type of staircase they feel will suit their situation best (straight, spiral, curved, or Ship’s Ladder), what the staircase should include (railings, treads, etc.), and any other miscellaneous fabrication they might want to add.

Staircase Fabrication Scenario

A client has a new, modern home that requires a new, contemporary and stylish staircase design. The staircase will be going from their living room on the main floor to the second floor hallway. What has been established is that a custom made interior spiral staircase will be the best option and most advantageous as the client wants to purse a spacing option, but still viable for all who will use the staircase.



Spiral staircases are not only aesthetically pleasing; they can also serve a variety of needs and purposes. Also interior stairs can have nearly any tread or handrail style. So with this scenario creating a spiral staircase, a nice touch is a mesh panel railing and stainless steel tread plate covers (see pictures).

A mesh-style rail is an interesting way to have an open look and added safety in your home. The stainless steel is durable and can add grip while being durable, looking modern and upscale. This particular type of staircase can appeal to any stair buying client.

Get Your Staircase Made At Acadia Stairs

At Acadia Stairs, clients most often use our spiral staircases, equipped with a center pole, as stairs for a loft or basement, or we can create larger ones for commercial projects. However, the options are limitless if this is a look you want to feature in your home or business. Acadia Stairs believes that finding the best layout is as important as getting a railing that matches your décor.
We build each one of our stairs to suit your project’s needs. We focus on making the safest and most comfortable stair to get you from point A to point B. Our stairs can even have intermediate landings if necessary.



We can provide a 3D rendering of your stair design before we enter the shop drawing phase. This helps you envision the staircase in its environment. We make sketches like these to show the railing and tread designs as well.

Custom made kit spiral stairs are great for interior applications. We fabricate the stair in our shop & pre-assemble the stair. The stair is then shipped in knocked-down form. This makes the stair easy to get into the location and easy to put together. We make simple spiral stairs with clean lines and an open look.Custom Spiral Staircase Design And Applications (Videos)

Acadia Stairs makes industrial exterior stairs in steel and hot-dipped galvanized steel. We make high-end stainless steel spiral stairs to stand up to the harshest environments. These stairs can be made in 1 piece, or as a custom made kit, depending upon your logistical needs and freight costs.

You can choose from a wide variety of treads; smooth plate, diamond plate, perforated plate, pan-type treads, stone, exterior decking and more!

We work with you to make sure that the stair will fit your measurements, layout, codes, décor and of course your budget! For more information about spiral staircases or any of the staircases that we make, contact the professionals Acadia Stairs today!