Decorate Your Staircase with Gardens

Outside DecorIf you’re feeling a little uninspired when it comes to the design of your staircase, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, there’s an easy fix that can make it much more interesting—decorate with a garden!

Decorating your staircase with a garden can create a trendy, summer space and update your staircase in an instant.

Balcony Container Gardening
says that small plant containers added to your outdoor stairwell can take the area from boring and functional, to a statement piece of adorable, forest-like whimsy.

  • Simply line one side of the stairs (preferably underneath the railing so as to not take up too much space on the treads) with potted plants.
  • Consider placing a plant on every other or every third stair, so things don’t get overcrowded.
  • Choose plants that won’t grow too large and end up obstructing the pathway.
  • If the stairs are against a wall, you could consider adding vines.

Depending on your technique and style, you could even use different types of pots and a variety of different plants to create a unique design feature. Flowering plants in mismatched pots will bring that aforementioned whimsy, but if your aesthetic is more modern and clean-lined, choose small, decorative bushes that can be trimmed to even shapes and use simple, metallic pots.

The same design idea can be used in an interior staircase, as well.

  • Use plants that are indoor friendly and won’t need a lot of direct sunlight.
  • If you have pets, make sure they won’t be tempted to knock over the pots, or you’ll be in for a big mess!

If you have a modern staircase that’s made with laminated glass treads or doesn’t have risers, consider adding an interior garden area to the bottom of the stairwell, like Houzz suggests. It’ll brighten up the space without seeming cluttered, and the design ideas are endless.

For those of you who are working on designing the staircase itself, Acadia Stairs can help. Click here to learn about our custom staircase services, and call one of our talented design experts today at 845-765-8600.