Decorating Surrounding Staircase Space

If you’ve purchased a customizDecorating Surrounding Staircase Spaceed staircase from Acadia Stairs, the next step is decorating the space surrounding it. Often times, the wall of a staircase can be hard to decorate but doing so can add more personality and personal taste into your home.

Consider Decorating the Landing

If your staircase has a larger landing in the center of it, it can be a great space to “decorate” your staircase. For instance, if you have a flat, open wall on your staircase landing, consider adding a built-in bookshelf to this wall. A bookshelf is practical storage space and is also a unique twist on a wall that would otherwise be a “waste of space.”

Decorate with a Go-To Gallery

Although decorating your staircase wall with a gallery is done often, it’s a great go-to decoration for the space. You can keep it minimalistic, with frames that are all the same color and black and white photographs if you want just a “touch” of décor. However, you can also get creative and create a gallery with all different colored frames in various sizes to create a more vibrant space.

Don’t Disregard the Railing

The railing of a staircase is often neglected and most of the time, it should be. The railing of your staircase is a vital part of creating a safe staircase and should typically be left to stand alone. However, if you are hosting a party, use the railing of your staircase to your advantage and decorate it. For instance, if you are hosting a baby shower for a loved one, wrap delicate flowers or greenery around your railing to soften the space with little effort.

Fill Up the Floor Space

If your staircase takes up the majority of the room that it’s within, it can be difficult to decorate the space with furniture because it probably makes the room feel too crowded. Instead of adding a big piece of furniture into the room, consider putting a “statement piece” of décor on the floor near where your staircase begins. Some items that might work well in this space could be a tall clock, a potted plant, some sort of antique table with simple décor, or otherwise.

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