Famous Malaysian Staircase Gets Colorful Update

Rainbow Colored StaircaseAs we’ve mentioned before, there are some staircases in the world that we’re truly in awe of.

Famous staircases inspire us every day and stand as a shining example of the design potential that stairs hold in our communities and homes.

That is why we’re constantly on the lookout for another great staircase to highlight. The latest entry: the Batu Caves staircase.

For background, the Batu Caves is a Hindu shrine — one of the most popular outside of India — just outside of Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia. It is made up of three caves that Hindu worshipers worldwide come to visit in late January and early February. The caves are dedicated to Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity of war, and there is a massive statue of the deity’s honor, the tallest, in fact, in the world.

But what’s worth mentioning in this space is the stairs. Batu Caves is made up of three caves, the most famous of which is Temple Cave. To get there, you’ll have to ascend 272 steps, which are numbered along each step and the climb alone has become an attraction. Most recently, it underwent a huge facelift, and was colored a palette of colors, making it a rainbow road of sorts.

According to the Guardian, the staircase itself was built in the 1920s out of wood, but replaced later with stones. The latest design is part of a larger renovation, and comes just in time for a celebration that happens once every 12 years. The photos are incredible, and it’s expected that even more people will come to visit this famous site. (We know where we want to go next.)

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