Five Ways to Build Storage into Your Staircase

storage beneath staircaseRegardless of the size of your home, there will come a time when you feel like you just don’t have enough storage space. Whether it is because you have an extensive and ever growing collection of books or because all three of your children have recently returned home from college, a little bit of extra storage space can go a long way.

Don’t think you have anywhere left to add shelving or cabinets? Take a look at the space beneath your staircase.


If you are constantly facing a pile of jackets and muddy shoes in the entranceway to your home (and your staircase is located nearby), creating a miniature mudroom beneath your stairs may be the perfect solution! Equipped with a bench where the kids can sit down to tie and untie their shoes, as well as a shoe rack and a hook for each member of your family to place their coats, this space will really tidy up your entryway.


Whether you love to read or have a unique array of collectibles you would like to display in your home, open shelving beneath your stairs is the perfect way to do so. Easily accessible and beautiful to decorate, there are endless possibilities when stocking your shelves.

Don’t want everything out in plain sight? You can place wicker baskets or wooden crates on some of the shelves for hats and gloves, craft supplies and more!

Pantry/Wine Rack

Always loved the thought of having a pantry in your home, but just don’t have the extra space in your kitchen? Build shelving beneath your staircase and close it off from view with simple wooden doors. Painted to match the rest of the walls in the room or designed to stand out, this simple project will give you plenty of extra room for kitchen accessories, canned goods and all your favorite snacks.

Home Office

For families looking for a space to finish homework projects and work from home, the area underneath your stairs offers a quiet escape from everything going on in your home. With a small desk or a workspace attached to the wall, all you need is a chair and your laptop to create a tiny home office.

Entertainment Center

If your staircase is located in the living room, developing a built-in entertainment center is a wonderful way to create some extra space for your family to spend time together. With your television and some shelves for movies, books and gaming accessories beneath your staircase, this unique entertainment center will give your space new life!

To create a stylish, modern staircase to match the attractive new space beneath your stairs, contact Acadia Stairs at 845-765-8600. Regardless of your needs and preferences, we can fabricate the ideal staircase for your home and lifestyle.

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