Get Your Stairs Ready For Fall

With the summer coming to end soon, that means Fall will be in full effect bringing changing leaves and dropping temperatures.

Yet, just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean your home has to reflect it. This year, liven up your home by decorating your interior stairs.

Make Your Stairs Come Alive!

One cool idea to make your staircase more vibrant is to add decals to it. You could put leafs on the individual treads to reflect the season or create a wilderness scene, that would create a beautiful image each time you used the stairs.

Get Your Stairs Ready For FallAnother thing you could do is create a new pattern on the stair’s treads using different wallpapers. Now if you don’t want to buy new wallpaper, you could simply use leftovers that are lying around the house.

An idea that is simple but effective would be to cover the staircase with a runner.

You could have completely covered the stairs or just on the steps but a nice runner that matches your home would give your stairs a nice facelift. If you are feeling really crafty you could hand paint your steps with a mural or image you created.

This not only livens up your steps, but allows you to leave your own impression on your home for years to come.

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