How to Use The Space Underneath Your Staircase

The space underneath a staircase is often underutilized. However, if you use and decorate the space the right way, you can spice up your home while creating a beautiful space and better functionality. Not sure what you should do? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Bookshelves & A Reading Nook

Add a bookcase and a seating area and have all of your favorite books right under the stairs, while relaxing on a comfy chaise by the window. Who wouldn’t love a mini library and comfy reading chair to unwind from a busy day?


Under the stairs is great for any extra needed storage. Add a subtle pantry to store out of season gear or add a few drawers to store bags, shoes and other accessories. Consider adding hangers and a bench with storage baskets so every family member has a designated area for coats, umbrellas and shoes.

You’ll have a more functional and organized look in your entry way.


Have a lot of work to do? Create a small, quiet and cozy work space to get your work done. If there is enough room; add a computer and desk chair. Maybe add several shelves for your books and paperwork.

Don’t waste your space–add something creative under your staircase. Contact Acadia Stairs today to find the best staircase for your home.