School Stairs Spark Children’s Math Minds

children on school stairsHere at Acadia Stairs, we believe that creativity is key when designing anything in life. We are so passionate about stairs and what they can add to a home or business that we love hearing stories about custom staircases that have an impact on lives (and in this case, minds).

This year, the Board of Education installed vinyl strips of math equations with multiplication on a set of stairs in the third grade wing of Estes Park Elementary School. The thought was that it would get children excited about learning and that the visualization of numbers in a highly trafficked area would help students improve their math skills. The goal of the staircase is to engage students in a different, more fun, approach to learning in the hopes that it will help them to these equations – both for quizzes and later on in life.

When you are trying so hard to remember something (whether it is for school, work or home), repetition is what helps the most. There are endless studies discussing this, and we have even heard that to remember the name of someone new you should repeat it three times. This same theory works with math! Memorization of multiplication tables is what the administration was trying to focus on with this project, while also brightening up the school’s appearance to create a more positive learning environment!

The third grade hallway is only the beginning for Estes Park Elementary School; the kindergarten wing is expected to have the same concept applied in the next year or so. Both teachers and students love everything about this new project, with lesson plans being adapted to use the stairs as a tool for learning through play.

This project is picking up a lot of press, making other school districts and administrators consider how they can do something to help with learning.

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