The Advantages of Spiral Staircases for Businesses

Staircases play more than one role. Aside from providing access to various floors, they also serve as a focal point when d├ęcor is lacking or is need to be kept at a minimum.

For businesses that operate on more than one floor, you need a durable and easy to access staircase for personnel to use. But what happens when space is an issue? Spiral staircases can be the answer.

Spiral staircases need little space

A busy company that employs a lot of people and utilizes every last space available won’t have the spot for a grand staircase, which will undoubtedly take up much room. However, even with limited space, you still need a staircase if you have multiple floors.

Spiral staircases can provide access to other levels without taking up too much space. This is all thanks to their compact design. For businesses specifically, using every square inch of an office building is essential to the day to day functioning of the company. Staircases such as the spiral won’t get in the way as they are constructed with a narrower structure.

They offer intricate, beautiful designs

The spiral staircase takes up much less space than the more traditional staircase, which is an appealing feature for those who need to conserve space. However, they also offer truly unique, intricate designs that are a sight to see. As a business, you want to create the best first impression possible. As such, the design of your office space is crucial. If you want to impress guests, clients, and employees alike, you can start with a beautiful spiral staircase.

If you are looking to have a staircase built for your business, consider a spiral staircase from Acadia Stairs. Not only will you save on space, you will also add a beautiful design element to your office. Contact Acadia Stairs to learn more about the space-saving spiral staircase today.