The Staircase Walk of Fame: Unique Staircases Found Around The World

The Staircase Walk of Fame: Unique Staircases Found Around The WorldStaircases are often seen as means of access, the construction is for a person or object to get from one floor to the next. However, the lovers of spectacular architecture and nature, view these stairs as more than a structure to climb without notice. We have compiled a list of some of the most unique, beautiful and noteworthy staircases from around the world. We give you, the Staircase Walk of Fame: Unique Staircases Found Around The World.

  • Thira Stairway – The This Stairway is a never-ending stairway located on the Santorini Island in Greece. The stairway (857 steps) starts at sea level in old port of Skala Thira and will lead you up the crater wall to the town of Thira. The walk or donkey ride will elevate you about 220 m above sea level.
  • Santa Maria Church – In the Cazorla, Spain ruins of the Santa Maria Church you can find a very old, but beautiful spiral staircase in the incomplete temple. The staircase was carved of stone and is an architectural treasure.
  • The Multiple Stairs – This unique staircase in Singapore shows off a little ingenuity by creating an almost octopus like structure. The 8 windy, curvy staircases make up the legs and attach at different parts of the outer spiral staircases. Very interesting and an amazing design.The Staircase Walk of Fame: Unique Staircases Found Around The World
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – We all know of the history and significance of France’s Notre Dame located in the city of love, Paris. So much architectural detail, but many staircases that are one-of-a-kind can be found here. For one example, you can find spiral staircases carved right into the walls and more.

Whether built for practical use or merely sight-seeing purposes, staircases around the world have become ingenious forms of expression.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Staircase Experience in America

When you are on vacation or touring across the nation, stopping in Philadelphia there are a few stops you must take and grab a picture, to say to your grandkids “I was there”. Grabbing a Philly cheese steak sandwich is one, seeing the Liberty Bell is another. There are many famous staircases in America but if you really want to grab the staircase experience, you have to perform and recreate your best Sylvester Stallone and run up the stairs as fast as you can, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, just like Rocky Balboa did in the movie.

Who wouldn’t do that? It’s probably been done at least once a day since the release of the movie, back in 1976. The “Rocky Steps” are legendary. There’s even a statue of Rocky to take pictures with, which was originally created as a prop but then was bronzed and later donated by Stallone as gift to the City of Philadelphia.

Three friends did what millions of tourists have done and ran up the stairs to find a once in a lifetime staircase experience. They ran right into the man who made the “Rocky Steps” famous, Rocky himself – Sly Stallone. Stallone happened to be in the city shooting his latest installment to the Rocky series, “Creed”.

It has to be an incredible experience to be running up the stairs, emulating the man at the exact moment he was there as well. Peter Rowe and his friends were in shock.

“He said to us, ‘Man, you guys are fast. You’re making me look bad!'” said Rowe.

Stallone and the three friends then posed for a selfie, where Stallone told them to “Look tough, guys!”, with the awe and excitement it was hard to imagine that they could possibly dream of looking tough.

The experience had to be overwhelming. Rowe called it “an unreal experience.”

That situation just shows you why it pays off to visit famous staircases when given the opportunity, as you never know who might be there… Perhaps even the celebrity who made them famous!

(Source: YAHOO/AP)

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