Three Décor Ideas to Make You Stairs Stand Out

stairs with artworkStairs are a necessary part of your home, but they do not have to be drab or boring. There are many different ways you can add style to your home with staircase décor; from bold, vibrant looks to subtle and understated accents. Here are just a few ideas we love for highlighting our custom, metal staircase designs.

Add Unexpected Wall Art

The walls next to the staircase offer a perfect opportunity to add interest and beauty to your home. Take advantage of this space by hanging unique wall art that compliments the style and tone of your space. Hang a collection of mirrors in different sizes, display a black and white photo collage, or create a shadow box with unique items – maybe those from your travels or crafts that your children have created!

Decorate the Banister

Decorate the banister and railings with swags of pretty fabric, lights, floral garland, or holiday-themed garland. You can also hang decorations like wreaths, ornaments and bows. Since this isn’t permanent décor, it’s easy to change colors and looks for each season.

Brighten up with Potted Plants or Flowers

Potted plants or flowers (real or faux) can add a dramatic touch and brighten up staircase space. Place them on each stair, making sure they won’t impede walking up the steps, or create a bold grouping on a landing. This look is especially beautiful for updating your exterior stairs to match the season.

Every place in your home can be beautiful and welcoming – even your staircase. Put your personal style stamp on your stairs by updating the décor surrounding it. Looking for an update a bit more dramatic in style? You can also have your own custom stringer, curved or spiral staircase built with Acadia Stairs! To learn more about what we can do to update the look and style of your home with a staircase, check out our online galleries and give us a call at 845-765-8600.